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In today’s world where women are not just limited to managing household tasks but are also stepping in the outside world, it has become tough for them to spend quality time with their kids. Being a working mother, it is never easy to find the right balance between time spent at work and time spent with family. Here are some stress-free and fun ways of how to spend time with kids for moms or young moms to be.

1) Sometimes you miss out on talking about how the kid’s day went because you reach home late in the night when the kid is sleeping. To avoid this, you can tell him to write a journal in a creative way. Always read journals with him when you are free. This way, you will come to know about what is happening in your kid’s life. Do not forget to write an appreciation note for your kid to make him feel special.

2) Being a working mom, you must reserve weekends for your family and kids. You can go out to local attractions, plan a trip of two days or you can just go out for dinner. Kids will be assured and satisfied that you will have quality time with them on weekends even if weekdays are busy.

3) Play fun games and fun activities with kids. There are many indoor and outdoor games that you can play like hide and seek, bowling, pin the tail, cycling, painting, etc. This way you can spend time with kids, and it will build strong ties between you and your kids.

4)Make household tasks a game and involve your kids in doing housework together. Have a race with them to see who can do that task first. This does not sound fun, but it will help in accomplishing housework quickly.

All these ways help in getting mother and child together and your “family time” can never be interrupted.

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