Importance Of Daily Activities In A Child’s Growth

For a child’s early growth, daily activities play a very crucial role. It is very important to look after and understand what all things are to be needed for their overall development.

At the Poly Kids, we offer a variety of Activities for the kids like Music and Dance, Story Telling, Water plays, Functions and Celebrations, Sports and Outdoor activities, Educational Tours, Picnics and Cinema Shows. Once in a Year, the School organizes The Annual day for the Children which is a Grand event attended by more than 800 parents.

Not only that, The Poly Kids Preschool is the only playschool in Dehradun which uses Smart Screens to explore children to real-time feel. We expose children to essential language skills, promotes thinking skills, engages them in listening to language and essential conflict resolution skills.
So, let us take care of your child’s overall growth and let them explore the areas to develop better.

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