How To Plan Lohri With The Preschool Children

The first festival of the year is around the corner and we are all ready to celebrate it!
Lohri is the holy festival of Punjab and is celebrated with lots of joy and happiness. It marks the end of the cold month and a way to convey their thanks to all their family, friends and the almighty of the crops.
Many schools and preschools also celebrate it with great joy with their children.
Are you searching something new to celebrate Lohri with your preschool children!
Well here are some ways to celebrate it differently:

1. Organizing A Craft Competition
To make Lohri a bit fun for your children, you can organize a craft competition and the craft with the most colorful idea will win the competition. This will let them inculcate in the innovative areas too.

2. Organizing A Small Bonfire Party
Lohri is not fun without a bonfire, jaggery sweets and peanuts. A small bonfire Lohri Party for the children with the storytelling session about the festival by the preschool teachers and children would help children to know the facts and the history behind the festival.

3. Bhangra Dance Competition
Children love to dance no matter what the music you are playing and they always find ways to grove. Lohri and Bhangra always go hand in hand. You can organize a small dance competition for the preschool children, class wise.

So, these are some ways for you to plan Lohri with your preschool students. Do let us know how you are planning to celebrate it with your tiny tots in the comment section below.

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