Best Preschool In Uttarakhand | The Poly Kids

More than 20 branches across India and in the 100 best preschool chains in India, The Poly Kids is taking the brand not even nationally but also globally by opening its own branch at Dubai too.
Within a very less period of time, The Poly Kids has awarded with many prestigious awards like the best preschool chain in Uttarakhand, 100 best preschools in India, Jury’s Choice Award for Uttarakhand best preschool, Bharat Shiksha Ratna Award and many more.
For the development of a child, the preschool makes sure that they should be exposed to extracurricular activities like sports, music, dance, yoga, stage shows etc. Not only that we let them inculcate in the educational area by providing Smart classes, educational tours, and various competitions.
The preschool offers various facilities like
Library: A vast collection of comprehensive books. We also encourage parents to visit our libraries.
The preschool school organizes various orientation sessions, also parents are encouraged to take an active part in their children’s development and growth.
The school takes care of each and every aspect of children’s welfare.
The Poly Kids has been growing successfully for more than 13 years and it’s in the top list on the parent’s preference list for their children’s early development education.

So, what are you waiting for? Enroll your child to the preschool of India!

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