Benefits of outdoor play


Have you ever seen a change in your kids’ behavior when they play out? Sure, they may complain that they are tired or that it’s too hot outside. But, exposure to outdoor play positively sharpens the kids’ personality. In today’s world of technology, kids are glued to their gadgets. When it comes to preschools, it’s important for teachers to tell kids about the benefits of playing outdoor games.

There are several best preschools in Dehradun and Poly kids school is one of those schools where kids are told to participate in fun sports activities as well. Kids get a chance to flourish, run, jump, make a mess, and explore their self in their natural surroundings. In Poly kids school, parents are suggested to play a proactive role in developing a positive outlook towards outdoor games and school activities among their kids.  There are many well-known preschool games that kids can play and have fun with the friends like Hiding and seek, Traffic cop, Hopscotch, Ice and water, Musical chairs, Crack the whip, Marbles, etc. Learning done through play helps kids in exploring nature, acquire information and elementary understanding of science.

Outdoor games for kids play a vital role in making kids active, healthy and increase their physical stamina. Being in the open surroundings can stimulate a child’s imagination and make them more creative. Kids playing outside interact with other kids which makes them social and communicative and are more likely to lead a well-balanced life later in adulthood. Kids spending time outdoor often make life bond with nature and animals. Parents and teachers must praise the children and tell them about all the fun games.




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